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Mastering Copperplate calligraphy; Eleanor Winters second hand

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Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy is a comprehensive step-by-step manual for the calligraphy student as well as the serious practitioner. Written by Eleanor Winters, an eminent calligrapher and teacher, the book begins with a brief but fascinating history of copperplate illustrated with writing samples of some of the great eighteenth century masters. The reader is then guided through an indepth examination of the alphabet, numbers, an punctuation of this unique art form. Each letterform is demonstrated stroke by stroke with a clear explanation. Other considerations, including writing in color, using the proper paper, and learning how to retouch, correct, and crop are discussed at length. After familiarizing the reader with the letterforms and the materials, Ms Winters shows how copperplate calligraphy can be used to write a simple paragraph, a short quotation, and a poem and explains how to use the script commercally for addressing envelopes and writing name cards and invitations. With this easy to follow, step by step manual and serious practice, calligraphers will be able to create copperplate scripts with the rhythm, grace and ease of the great writing masters.

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